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About CineGrid Membership

Become a CineGrid Member and join a growing interdisciplinary community focused on the research, development and demonstration of networked collaborative tools that enable the production, use and exchange of very high-quality digital media over high-speed photonic networks.

  • The CineGrid non-profit organization provides membership services: acts as liaison between the members, funding organizations and related public and private organizations; undertakes fundraising activities; acts as the secretariat for working groups; maintains the CineGrid website; promotes CineGrid activities; and sponsors workshops and other events
  • CineGrid offers members an integrative approach to promote funding and to provide a framework for groundbreaking digital media experiments
  • CineGrid provides a forum for members to exchange information and cultivates professional communities through workshops, demonstrations and other events
  • CineGrid offers members access to CineGrid Exchange digital media content in various formats, with the content collected, archived, restored and/or produced live by CineGrid members and other cooperating organizations. CineGrid Exchange content may include artistic, entertainment, scientific, educational and documentary materials that can be used by CineGrid members non-commercially with documented permissions from copyright holders as appropriate

CineGrid welcomes both Institutional and Individual Members:

  • CineGrid members include corporations, laboratories, universities and other educational or research institutions, non-profit and other public organizations that currently use or wish to use ultra high performance digital media as a means of discovery, education and collaboration.
  • CineGrid members, institutional and individual, should be involved in the creation, distribution or use of high quality digital media content, including the accelerated preservation of cultural heritage assets captured in picture and sound
  • CineGrid members also include manufacturers and/or developers of technology and tools who wish to supply their products for use in CineGrid-hosted projects and events